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to be some follow through. one day john came into my office, and he said, i was just at a hotel, and they were offering p90x classes in the gym, and i said, well, that's funny. we don't let people do p90x classes. people want to do p90x, turbo fire, insanity, brazil butt lift, they want to do these things at their gyms. our job is not to tell people they have to do it at home. our job is to give people great programming they can do anywhere. we want beach body to be synonymous with results. that's all we care about. in 2012 in the spring, we launched certifications so that a personal trainer out there or group exercise instructor could have a brand attached to the work of training people. to be self aware. so just like the player who asked to be taken off the field if he's not running at his fastest so that he can get a play of rest, that's what's important for an entrepreneur to do. you can't be a great ceo if you're pushed to your limit and you're being short with people and you're snapping at people and you're not making good decisions. you've got to check out. do you want to
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)